VELLFIRE 2.5 G A/T LUX  VER30GA/T00    1,399,800,000
 VELLFIRE 2.5 G A/T (Non Premium Color)  VER30GA/T00B    1,402,900,000

Beyond Exterior

New Vellfire lets you travel in comfort with enhanced support performance and arrive at your destination in top form.

Highlight Features

Impressive Front Lower Bumper
Dynamic Side Skirt
Sleek Rear Bumper & Fog Lamp
Power Backdoor

Beyond Interior

More than luxurious comfort and sporty appeal, All New Camry offers driving experience like no other.

Highlight Features


New Captivating Interior Design


Adjustable Advanced Steering Wheel


New Authentic Titanium Ornamentation

Beyond Safety

Maximum protection to ensure delightful journey for all passengers.

Highlight Features

Safety Sense
Adaptive Cruise Control
Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control
AHB (Automatic High Beam)
Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)
Digital Rear View Mirror


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